Why We’re Better

Why We’re Better

As the need for dedicated IT management has grown, so has the number of providers. Unfortunately, not all have the technical expertise needed to support the increasingly complex environments. Nor do they have the business acumen to provide meaningful and valuable advice. Additionally, they are often stretched too thin to spend the time required to understand their clients needs and business processes. Too frequently they are providing the bare minimum amount of service – “Good Enough IT”.

At Clearpoint IT Management, we view things quite differently. Our approach starts with understanding our client’s needs. Then we examine their business processes and identify any associated technological risks. Finally, we develop a Strategic Plan. We use the Strategic Plan as the framework or blueprint for optimizing the solutions that achieve the desired outcome. The Strategic Plan also provides guidance for future decisions. By planning our next steps, we’ll know when to replace devices and applications and how to budget.

Of course, none of this would be possible without a healthy foundation. By maintaining the health of devices and applications throughout their lifecycle, clients can focus of the utilization of their technology investment. Often times, the results can have remarkable positive results. When end users are moved from a productivity-loss burdened environment into a productivity-gain one, the nature of the support requests change from “I can’t …” to “How do I….?” and a cultural change is evident.

Finally, the most differential reason why we’re better (more than anything else) – WE CARE!

We care about our client and their outcomes and we’ll work tirelessly to help them achieve success. We promise that our care will be evident from the moment you meet us through every engagement that we have. That’s what makes us different and that’s what makes us better.

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